The BRL for Acoustics

Creating aesthetic value

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  • Design
  • Consulting
  • Prediction Modeling
  • Measurement & Assessment
  • Evaluation & Troubleshooting
  • Research
  • Workshops & Seminars


  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Speech Communication & Voice
  • Musical Acoustics
  • Environmental Acoustics
  • Noise & Vibration Control
  • NVH Testing & Analysis
  • Experimental Structural Dynamics
  • Worship Spaces
  • Concert Halls
  • Opera Houses & Theatre Halls
  • Multi-Purpose Venues
  • Recording Studios
  • Listening Rooms
  • Speech Rooms
  • Anechoic/ Reverb. Chambers
  • Classrooms
  • Music Practice Rooms

About The BRL for Acoustics

The Behzad Ranjbari Laboratory for Acoustics is an acoustic consulting firm specialized in "acoustics" in connection with both "Engineering" and "Art", founded in 2013 with the headquarters located in Göteborg, Sweden.

The BRL for Acoustics' fields of competence include: Architectural Acoustics (Room Acoustics & Building Acoustics), Speech Communication & Voice, Psychoacoustics and Hearing, Acoustics for the Performing Arts, Concert Hall Acoustics, Stage Acoustics, Musical Acoustics, Environmental Acoustics as well as Noise and Vibration Control. Read more

The BRL for Acoustics supplies a broad range of solutions/services to the market including: design and consulting, measurement and assessment, prediction modeling, research and development, evaluation and troubleshooting in addition to providing various workshops and seminars. Read more

The BRL for Acoustics' mission is to offer the market, a high quality alternative to rank technically superior, to create sustainable value and to provide society friendly solutions.

The BRL for Acoustics' vision is to be the first choice and long-term business partner, delivering innovative technical solutions which create sustainable value for its customers.

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